SharePoint 2007 – Import Spreadsheet fails on top level site – works fine on sub-site

I’m seeing an error when trying to import an Excel 2007 spreadsheet to a list.

"Import to Windows SharePoint Services list
Method ‘Post’ of object ‘IOWSPostData’ failed"

A quick Google search showed that (unsurprisingly) plenty of other people have experienced the same problem.  Some are reporting that making a change to the code in one of the Excel Add-ins fixed the problem, but my testing showed that this just resulted in a different error.

"Cannot connect to the server at this time. Your table cannot be published"

Further testing on our environment showed that even without messing with the Excel Add-in, an import worked fine on a subsite, but not on a top level site (site collection root).

There are some custom site templates installed, so I initially suspected them, but have since proven the problem exists even with the Microsoft default templates.

Interestingly, an import works fine on a Personal Site / MySite, which itself is a top level site  / site collection.

I feel a call to Microsoft coming on…

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3 Responses to SharePoint 2007 – Import Spreadsheet fails on top level site – works fine on sub-site

  1. Mark says:

    I am haivng the same exact issue. Have you come to any resolution?

  2. ee61re says:


    The latest is that the problem doesn’t happen on a newly created web app at all, and it doesn’t happen on the root site on the current web app.

    The root site has Publishing features active, where the problem site collection doesn’t, so that is something we are looking at now.


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