3G Modem – The first trip

Ok, so the train journey from Havant to London Waterloo.

It took me almost until Rowlands Castle to boot Vista and get the dongle plugged in and active.

Almost as soon as I got a 3G connection, we went into a dead spot.

Picked up 3G then HSDPA around Petersfield, which lasted about 5 minutes.

Total dead spot through Liss / Liphook, with an option to roam onto Orange 2G just after Liphook.

Nothing from Haslemere until around Witley, where the Orange 2G roaming option came back….. and then went again.

Plenty of Orange 2G around Godalming, except actually in the station.  Nothing at all there.

Passing Farncombe, some 3G coverage, at last, then HSDPA as well!

Good HSDPA coverage around Guildford, but this train goes up the scenic route via Guildford London Road, so we miss out Woking, then rejoin the main line at Surbiton.

Hmm, lost the lot just past Guildford London Road, but 3G coverage came back within a couple of minutes… then went again.

HSDPA came back a couple of minutes later and stayed almost until Oxshott, then dropped down to 3G.

Joining the main line near Surbiton, it was switching between Orange 3G and 2G.

Back to Three 3G by New Malden.

HSDPA kicked back in at Wimbledon.

Bit of a dead spot just before Clapham Junction.

Between Clapham and Waterloo, I took the opportunity to do a SpeedTest.  Getting about 260kbps down and 45kbps up on Three 3G.


The journey home tonight will most likely be a train that goes via Woking, so will update later.


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2 Responses to 3G Modem – The first trip

  1. Vic says:

    3G Modem: Havant-Waterloo

    Interesting comments on your reception experiences on the train. Have not given it a try yet (train too expensive ). However I suspect most of the problem IS the fact that you are in the train … have had my ‘Three’ modem 4 months and yet to find anywhere in the South where I do not get a decent HSDPA connection, usually around 1Mbs download.

    I do have the ‘old’ E220 which comes with both a short and a long connection lead, and find the long one very useful when in marginal situations such as below deck on the boat. I guess you can always use a USB extension with yours.

    Was camping near Dolgellau in North Wales, and was amazed to get a really fast connection inside a soaking wet tent……even more amazed when SPEEDTEST reported an UPLOAD speed of 320kbs (like you usually get around 50kbs). They have obviously started the long promised upload upgrade. Maybe VOIP will then become viable!.

    Vic (vic@sundash.co.uk)

  2. Paul Lowe says:

    Just got bt e170 hspa usb stick.
    Bt Access Manager, which comes with it, fails to load properly.
    BT geek gave me a work around.
    Waiting for sim card to be unblocked.

    the bt geek told me they are working on fix for for bt access manager.
    Application Version
    1, 9, 81, 0

    I know that route from waterloo to guildford well. I am going down there on mon & tues.
    If everything’s working i will post on here if ok

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