3G Modem – The Journey Home


Right, so I got the 1745 from Waterloo, forgetting that it routes the exact reverse of the train up this morning, so still haven’t been near Woking.  I’m sure it is lovely.


Nothing more to report really in terms of signal, but some general thoughts.

Signal level, according to the 3Connect utility, never really went above 50%.  This is probably going to be down to the fact that I was sat in a big metal train.  It will also not have helped that the USB dongle is plugged, memory stick style, into the left side of my laptop, so depending on where I sit on the train, the aerial is not getting much of a chance!

I would swap the device to the socket on the other side of the laptop, but 3Connect doesn’t seem to recognise it unless it is in the original socket.  USB / Vista feature, I think.

The device comes with a USB extension lead.  At the risk of getting funny looks, I will do a bit of an experiment over the next couple of days, involving using the extension, and maybe some blu-tac.  I’m never sure how much difference a few inches makes with the kind of frequencies these things work at, but getting the device up towards the top of the laptop screen will at least put it in view of the window.

Longer term, maybe a bit of sticky back plastic velcro on the USB connector and the laptop lid…

That said, the E160G has a socket for an external antenna.  Or perhaps that’s taking things a little too far.

The whole 2G / 3G Orange roaming thing is interesting.  Orange 3G worked fine, but Orange 2G would work if it was connected to 3G already then downgraded to 2G, but making a ‘cold’ connection to Orange 2G didn’t seem to work.

I also noticed that in the event of a loss of signal, it didn’t seem to find a new signal for ages, yet if I closed and reopened 3Connect, it often found something straight away.  Likely to be due, again, to being in a train, moving at speed through network cells.


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