ActiveSync via IAG – # Character in Password Not Allowed??

Came across a strange one last week.  IAG 2007 with SP2, ActiveSync trunk, using an Active Directory Repository.

Working fine for pretty much everyone, except one user, who is getting constant prompts from the Windows Mobile device to ‘correct your password’.

IAG is showing an authentication failure, and is logging the correct username and domain, which only really leaves the password.

Further investigation determined that the user had a # symbol in their password.  When the password was changed to one without a #, ActiveSync started working fine.

I’ve since tested a non-IAG ActiveSync installation with a password including a #, and it works fine, which suggests that IAG is the problem.

I’ve now got a ticket logged with our IAG vendor, and I will post again here when I’ve worked through the issue with them.

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One Response to ActiveSync via IAG – # Character in Password Not Allowed??

  1. HPi says:


    I’m interested to know the result of this problem, if you have got it already.

    I’m having similar problem, but with Moxier in Android environment and with ¤ character. Not sure does Android have anything to do with this, but it might be one part of the problem.

    Moxier, which is commercial application running in Android, gave me a response today about this problem, which is below. Problem is similar, but still different. Moxier team said, that problem is only occuring with ActiveSync while you don’t have the problem with it, if running agains it without AIG.

    Moxier Team, May 17 01:26 am (PDT):

    Dear Hannu,

    Thank you for your patience.
    Our Development Team has returned us with the test results and the issue caused by using the “¤” were only occuring when usign the server that supports ActiveSync.

    Test using iPhone Exchange Mail, Android, 2.0 and higher, all have returned the same results as we have received.

    We apologize but there is nothing we can do for this issue for the server itself is returning back with the error.
    The only solution we may suggest is to not use this specific character for the password.

    For anything else, please contact us again.

    Thank you,

    Moxier Mail Team

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